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Practitioner & Stakeholder Group

The work of the IAP is supported by a broadly based group representing practitioners and stakeholders, which forms the third tier of the Ministerial Council.   This is an open ended group consisting of representatives from a range of organisations including the police, prisons, Youth Justice Board, UK Border Agency, private sector custody providers, Department of Health, NHS secure services, inspectorates, investigative bodies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).   The membership of the group also includes operational staff working within the different custody sectors.

The Panel also encourages families to join this group in order to hear their views on whether the focus of our work  is effective in meeting families’ needs.  

The main role of this group is to provide expertise and input into the IAP’s projects, which are co-ordinated by the Secretariat under the direction of the Chair of the IAP. The majority of the time it will be a ‘virtual’ group, but the intention will be for all of its members to be brought together at regular stakeholder consultation events, to which members of the Ministerial Board and other interested parties will also be invited.

For further information on the Practitioner and Stakeholder Group, please contact Andrew Fraser, Head of Secretariat to the Ministerial Council on Deaths in Custody, via the contact page.

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