The Harris Review

Independent Review into Self-Inflicted Deaths in NOMS Custody of 18-24 year olds

This is the official webpage for the Harris Review. The purpose of the review is to make recommendations to reduce the risk of future self-inflicted deaths in custody. All self-inflicted deaths are a tragedy and we want to ensure those that occur whilst individuals are under the protection of the state are subject to the most thorough scrutiny. Lord Toby Harris, Chair of the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody, will lead this review and will be supported by members of the Independent Advisory Panel. Your reflections on the review and on this most important topic are very welcome.

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Stakeholder Hearings

The Harris Review panel held hearings with a range of key stakeholder to gather evidence and develop an understanding of key issues related to the Review. The Review was conducted in an open and transparent manner and to support this process stakeholders were informed, prior to the hearing, that a summary of the hearing would be published. These summaries can be found below.

Stakeholder Hearing Summaries


15 May 2014   NHS England

22 May 2014  Youth Justice Board

22 May 2014  Prisons and Probation Ombudsman

22 May 2014  Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons

19 June 2014 National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

19 June 2014 Department of Health

26 June 2014  Independent Monitoring Board

3 July 2014 Chief Coroner

3 July 2014 Prison Reform Trust

3 July 2014  Samaritans

3 July 2014  Professor Louis Appleby

17 July 2914  Howard League for Penal Reform

17 July 2014  Care Quality Commission

4 September 2014  User Voice

30 October 2014  Baroness Young

6 November 2014 Prison Governors’ Association

6 November 2014 Prisoner Officers Association

6 November 2014 Black Training and Enterprise Group

6 November 2014 Zahid Mubarek Trust

4 December 2014 Magistrates Association

4 December 2014 Senior Judiciary

15 January 2015 NHS England – Health and Justice Information System (HJIS), (HJIS) Annex

15 January 2015  Crown Prosecution Service

5 February 2015 Welsh Government, NHS Wales Mental Health Care for Prisoners

 5 February 2015  Health in Wales Inspectorate

12 February 2015 Troubled Families Programme

5 March 2015  Stakeholder Engagement (sense checking) NOMS

5 March 2015 Stakeholder Hearing 28 (sense-checking) – Department of Health, NHS England and Welsh Government


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