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IAP holds Family Listening Day

On Tuesday 30th March, the IAP, in conjunction with INQUEST, held a family listening day to meet families who have had direct experience of the investigation and coroner inquest  system following the death of a relative or friend whilst in state custody. The aim of the event was to share experiences of the inquest system, the investigative process and the families’ impressions of the ways in which the state managed their cases. Facilitated small group discussions elicited thoughts and opinions providing members of the IAP  with an opportunity to listen to the families’ concerns, experiences and ideas for improving the system. Amongst the issues discussed were:

  • Notification of the death
  • Post-mortem examinations
  • Role of the coroner’s court
  • Role of the state custodial institutions and the  investigating agencies
  • Disclosure, and funding for legal representation
  • Institutional behaviours and attitudes
A final report is being produced for the IAP which will provide a summary of the discussions of the day including key recommendations  to consider.  The IAP will be taking some of these recommendations to the Ministerial Board for approval in June 2010. If you have any queries about the day, please feel free to contact the Secretariat via the contact page on the website.

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