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IAP Research Directory now online

In January 2010, the IAP disseminated a questionnaire to stakeholders to identify research that is currently underway, or was being planned in relation to deaths and near deaths in all forms of state custody. The returns have been compiled to form a research directory. The information received from stakeholders will enable the Panel to take a view on whether this is sufficient to meet their research needs, identify opportunities for influencing existing organisational research priorities and instances where it may be necessary to commission separate streams of research work. The information may also be of interest to stakeholders about to embark on similar kinds of research, keen to avoid duplication of work. For the research directory to be of continued value to stakeholders, it is important that all research projects relating to this subject matter are captured. The Secretariat will be conducting a request to stakeholders for research updates every six months. If you are aware of any research that is either underway, being planned or which has been completed which is not listed on the directory, please complete the questionnaire below, and send to the Secretariat via the Contact page on the IAP website, or by emailing:


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