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MoJ publishes report into the transfer of prisoners

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ), published its review of prison transfers prior to inspections by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMCIP).  In October 2009, 11 prisoners (six from Pentonville and five from Wandsworth) were transferred temporarily around the time of inspections. Allegations were later made about transfers from Brixton prison around the time of an inspection. Investigations found that the transfers were deliberate attempts to manipulate the outcomes of the inspections. The report was commissioned following investigations into Wandsworth and Pentonville prisons to assess if the temporary transfer of prisoners had occurred elsewhere. The report found no evidence that the exact practice identified at Wandsworth, Pentonville and Brixton prisons had happened anywhere else. You can access the review into the prison transfers below: You can also access the original HMCIP reports into HMP Wandsworth and HMP Pentonville  by clicking the links below:

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