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NICE guidance published on cardiovascular disease

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have re-issued their on guidance on reducing the rate of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease and smoking-related diseases.  This guidance aims to help NHS and other staff identify and provide services for people who are disadvantaged and most at risk of dying early from heart disease.  These include, but not limited to:

  • those with a mental health problem;
  • those with a learning disability;
  • those who are institutionalised (including those serving a custodial sentence) and;
  • some members of black and minority ethnic groups.
The risk of dying early could be reduced by providing services to help people stop smoking and treatment for high cholesterol and other conditions that increase the risk of heart disease.  NICE recommendations include the following advice:
  • GPs and other NHS staff working outside hospitals, and local authorities should set up systems to identify people who are disadvantaged and at high risk of heart disease.
  • NHS organisations and local authorities should work together to provide flexible services to improve the health of these people. This might include advice and help offered in drop-in clinics and other places people can get to easily, at times that suit them. Information should be provided in a language people understand.
  • The NHS and local authorities should ensure services aiming to improve the health of people who are disadvantaged are coordinated and that there are enough people trained to run them.
This guidance was originally issued in September 2008 and was updated on 24 October 2011.  Please visit the NICE website for full details by clicking here

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