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PPO report on learning from violence reduction and safety

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) has published a new report entitled ‘Learning from PPO Investigations: Violence reduction, bullying and safety’. The report provides an overview of PPO’s investigations into self-inflicted deaths in prison custody.  The report looks into 42 investigations into self-inflicted deaths, and finds that staff responses to allegations of bullying, assaults or other related incidents could have been better in 17 cases. The report found that:

  • In some cases, more reliable and thorough recording of information might have enabled a clearer picture to emerge of the risks an individuals faced and;
  • In other cases, although information was recorded, it was not shared with those who could have usefully contributed to identifying and alleviating problems.
 The report also calls for an improved understanding of violence reduction and how to improve feelings of safety in prisons and reiterates the importance of protecting prisoners at specific risk of victimisation.If you wish to view the report, please visit the PPO website by clicking here.

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