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Welcome to the official website of the Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) on Deaths in Custody. The IAP plays an important role in helping to shape government policy in this area through the provision of independent advice and expertise to the Ministerial Board on Deaths in Custody. The remit of the Council covers deaths which occur in prisons, in or following police custody, immigration detention, the deaths of residents of approved premises and the deaths of those detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA) in hospital. The principles and lessons learned as part of this work will also apply to the deaths of those detained under the Mental Capacity Act in hospital.


The current Chair of the IAP is Juliet Lyon CBE.  She took up her post in September 2016, alongside the current four members of the Panel.  Short biographies of all the panel members, both current and previous, can be found here.


The work of the IAP is to be as transparent and inclusive as possible. The intention is that everyone with an interest in preventing deaths in custody should have the opportunity to contribute to this work. The IAP is committed to consulting and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in order to collect, analyse and disseminate relevant information about deaths in custody and the lessons that can be learned from them. Please do use this website as a resource to share good practice and learning on preventing and reducing the number of deaths in custody.


The Panel are particularly keen to hear from families who have been affected by the death of a relative within state custody. Although the Panel are unable to investigate or comment on individual cases, we are very interested to hear their views on where the IAP’s focus could be most effective in terms of meeting the needs of bereaved families.


The IAP is supported by a small Secretariat which acts as the central point for sharing learning and information about means of preventing deaths in custody. The Secretariat is also responsible for producing reports outlining the Panel’s progress and successes at the end of each term and issues regular communications to provide an update on the work of the IAP, new developments and lessons learned.


The Secretariat has established a Stakeholder and Practitioner Group, which supports the work of the IAP by providing input into the Panel’s projects. Although much of the time this is a ‘virtual’ group, the members do come together at regular stakeholder consultation events held by the IAP. It is particularly important that operational staff from the different custody sectors are represented on this group to ensure that recommendations produced by the IAP are grounded in practical reality and I would encourage interested parties to contact the Secretariat for further information about the group.


Anyone accessing the site should feel free to contact the Secretariat team who will answer any questions and ensure that comments are passed onto the Panel. The Panel hopes that you find this website useful and look forward to receiving your views and input on our work and any comments on the website. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.


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